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News and quirks

November 20, 2013

Hi everyone,

As you saw earlier, I posted something that had a date back in August.  It’s odd, but I had written it, and I thought I had posted it, but for some reason it didn’t.  I hope you enjoy it, as well as what I have written now.

So what has been happening in the past couple of months?  Plenty.  I have published more poems at The King’s Poetry, and I’m almost finished another podcast for The King’s Poetry Podcast.  I have also completed several pieces of art and hope to post it to Hearts Alive! News and Art Gallery, not to mention others.

Speaking of art, I had my art on display at Edmonton Expo, the local comic and entertainment expo.  The event was a success; some people grabbed some cards.  Nothing was sold though, but that’s ok.  It was all about getting the word out there that mattered.

Ok.  Now on to the writing that I have been doing.  I have written some poems, but I haven’t been putting them up.  One new one, as well as a revision will be up soon, not to mention a poem of a featured poet, Leah Pauls.  I will also be putting up links to the appropriate podcasts.  I have a lot to do, and that’s the truth.  I have a little more written on Sword of Earth.  I am still on chapter 9, but it’s coming.  I am also working on a lot of short stories.  I know, but I plan on kicking it into high next gear soon.  I have needed a break, and now it seems that I am thinking of Horsemaster more and more again.  She is once again becoming a part of me again.  I know she is always a part of me, but somehow I think we could have been at odds with each other due to description.  I wasn’t willing before to describe her homeland or show more, but now that I am, especially after attending a workshop entitled “Show, don’t Tell” at Pagemaster Publications Services on November 7.

I am going to be restructuring this site in the next few weeks.  I will be making up an area with interesting links to not only my accounts I want you to know about, but also to sites and blogs I believe you would want to hear about.

I pray all is going well with you.  May your journeys be safe.  Take care, and God bless.


Winter Wonderland

November 12, 2012

Hi everyone,

Well, winter is here, and with it colds and cold weather.  For the past two weeks I have had two strains of the cold; the first was just a head cold, and the latter had both a head cold and a cough.  It’s been tough because I haven’t got much writing done.  I have done a lot of thinking though.

It’s really snowy here in Edmonton.  A few days ago, we got about six to eight inches of snow, and I can’t help wondering how my characters would deal with snow.  L’Eaua, Storm, and Horsemaster are mountain women, but Scarlet and Shayue are not.  Actually, Scarlet is too, but her mountain home is not a cold one, and Shayue would be able to aclimate to anything.  Hmmm, I just realized that I haven’t figured out where Shayue’s parents are from.  I need to think of the equivalent of Bethlehem.   It’s something I have to pray and ponder about.  After all, this is His book.

Speaking of praying and pondering, I have a new character in my head.  Her name is Losa.  I don’t know if she’s going to be a part of the Sword of Earth series, or if she’s a part of some other world.  I just know her name is Losa and that she has brown skin.  I might have to interview her.

I am looking forward to working with the writer’s group I have on Tuesdays.  I have missed two days.  I really enjoy the time.

What’s going on in the poetry front?  Well, I will be posting another revision soon, and then I can start podcasting.  I have decided to podcast the first and fifteenth of every month, hopefully starting December.  At that time, I will be embedding the player into the poems so hopefully you will be able to read and hear the poem, not to mention hear what inspired me to write it.  I hope you enjoy it when it comes.

So, even though it’s a winter wonderland outside, I hope and pray you’re warm inside…I know that some of you are warm all year around, but I still hope you are well.

I almost forgot.  I have almost forgotten my podcast of the week.  It’s called Journey Into…  Journey Into is a podcast where both old radio shows and stories meet to have a wonderful mix of radio shows and stories written by authors.  When the stories are read, he, Marshal Latham and a host of others, make Journey Into… like a real journey.  I especially liked the episode where he and his family read The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.

Take care, and remember, wherever your journey’s take you, safe journeys and God bless you.


Vacation Post

July 11, 2012

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I titled this post Vacation Post because I started it while I was on vacation in the beginning of June.  We went to William Watson Lodge.  While looking for a good explanation and pictures, I found another wordpress blog.  It can be found here.   We spent a week there this summer, and that’s where this post came from.  Enjoy.


Hi everyone,

I have been doing a lot these days, and I’ve learned a lot too.  One of the things I have learned is to never use a usb as a continual drive.  What I mean is that I have used a usb drive to work from in real time.  It worked for a while, but when I accidentally bumped it, I destroyed a link in it.  I was so upset!  Well, since then, I have decided to work only to use flash drives.  Well, throughout this week, I’ve realized that going extreme isn’t the way to go either.  So, I’ve decided that the 32 gig drive that I bought is going to be my backup drive.  It shouldn’t get bumped if I use it sparatically.

I am right in the heart of Aylanna and L’Eaua’s country, and I am so thankful to be here.  They are a part of me, so I feel contented on more than one front.  I am feeling relaxed, and my characters are taking in everything they can; they miss the mountains.

So, I’ve decided to start videoing all the falls that I come to, not to mention any trickles – basically anything that has a sound.  I’ve also taken some videos of walking down a couple of woodland paths.  It’s been an adventure, and I”m thankful to have been on it.  I have decided to show one of the pictures here, as well as one of the videos, so I hope you enjoy them.  Look out for some more pictures in the future too.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Thankfulness and Characters – Item found!

June 1, 2011

A few posts back, I lost my thumb drive, or rather, I thought I did. Well, guess what? I found it! It was in a totally unexpected place; my craft bag! I am so thankful to God for that! I tried to move forward in my editing, but I felt like something was holding me back. I was even second guessing myself. Well, now it’s back.

It gets me thinking about my main character, Aylanna. How does she express thankfulness? How does any character express it? Is a sacrifice made? I think to the times when I’m thankful. I feel joyful. I cheer. Sometimes if it’s big enough, I’ll even jump up and down a little, but we all express it differently.

Also, another thing to think about is how your character acts when something is lost. I get frantic, depending on whether or not I have an inkling of whether or not it’s in the house or somewhere safe. I kinda did with the thumb drive, but there were times when I doubted it.

So, what about your characters?

Until next time, God bless.

“Busy, busy, busy!”

February 25, 2011

As Professor Hinkle said in Frosty the Snowman when he was apologizing to Santa, Frosty, and Karen about what he had done, “Busy busy busy!” That’s what I have been in the past little while since I past wrote. There has been some good progress on the book. I am now on Chapter two of Sword of Earth entitled “The Road Ahead”

Chapter two is a transition phase that leads between two towns. It is important because we find out a little more about Storm and Aylanna’s powers. I have found that description isn’t easy for me, especially when I’m creating the world my characters live in; it seems to happen as needed, and that’s what I’m exploring in chapter 2 In draft 3 of chapter 1, I may have to deepen that as well, but we’ll see what happens.

As for the rest of my life, I am spending time housecleaning and writing either in a blog like this or on my book in the mornings, and in the afternoons and evenings going to several different activities. Tomorrow is going to be very busy, because we are having a youth and kids’ prayer event at our church. Normally from 12-3, I, as Heart’s Alive, host a ministry called Prayerful Art. This ministry explores how prayer and art go together through various themes.

But even though there are so many activities, I am looking forward to tonight. Thursday and Friday nights are our “Weekends.” May God bless your day.

Do you have anything that you’d like to see on this blog? Feel free to comment. I don’t mind posting my views as long as it’s on writing and the writing life.