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November 20, 2013

Hi everyone,

As you saw earlier, I posted something that had a date back in August.  It’s odd, but I had written it, and I thought I had posted it, but for some reason it didn’t.  I hope you enjoy it, as well as what I have written now.

So what has been happening in the past couple of months?  Plenty.  I have published more poems at The King’s Poetry, and I’m almost finished another podcast for The King’s Poetry Podcast.  I have also completed several pieces of art and hope to post it to Hearts Alive! News and Art Gallery, not to mention others.

Speaking of art, I had my art on display at Edmonton Expo, the local comic and entertainment expo.  The event was a success; some people grabbed some cards.  Nothing was sold though, but that’s ok.  It was all about getting the word out there that mattered.

Ok.  Now on to the writing that I have been doing.  I have written some poems, but I haven’t been putting them up.  One new one, as well as a revision will be up soon, not to mention a poem of a featured poet, Leah Pauls.  I will also be putting up links to the appropriate podcasts.  I have a lot to do, and that’s the truth.  I have a little more written on Sword of Earth.  I am still on chapter 9, but it’s coming.  I am also working on a lot of short stories.  I know, but I plan on kicking it into high next gear soon.  I have needed a break, and now it seems that I am thinking of Horsemaster more and more again.  She is once again becoming a part of me again.  I know she is always a part of me, but somehow I think we could have been at odds with each other due to description.  I wasn’t willing before to describe her homeland or show more, but now that I am, especially after attending a workshop entitled “Show, don’t Tell” at Pagemaster Publications Services on November 7.

I am going to be restructuring this site in the next few weeks.  I will be making up an area with interesting links to not only my accounts I want you to know about, but also to sites and blogs I believe you would want to hear about.

I pray all is going well with you.  May your journeys be safe.  Take care, and God bless.


Gardening and Writing – An interesting Connection

May 28, 2011

Well, another Spring has come, and with it a chance to get into my character’s past life before her family was killed in a fire. Today I transplanted my Russian Tarragon plant into a bigger pot and planted some spinach as well as snow peas in my container garden. On Tuesday, I am going to be planting a bigger garden at our community garden. I do love digging into the earth both for its ups and downs.

For the ups, I love getting the veggies, but I wouldn’t like to be like Aylanna and her family. They would have to grow enough to last the winter. That is kinda the idea for me, although I don’t have to. I have the farmer’s market and Save-on-Foods if I want, even though it’s not. I’m hoping to cut down the veggie budget this winter.

I’m going to take a look at the rhubarb in the next day or two as well. Hopefully, some will be ready to pick and stew. That would be wonderful. That’s one of my favorite things to have in the summer along with some toast in the morning. I wonder, what would Aylanna like in the morning. Fruit and toast? Bacon and eggs? It’s something I haven’t thought about yet, and I should since she is on the road now.

I’m still on chapter 3, but it has been busy lately, and now with the community garden starting up, it’s bound to get busier. So, for all you writers out there, (or aspiring writers), what does your main character like to eat for breakfast? It’s an interesting connection – gardening, breakfast, and writing, but they need to eat too!

Until next time, God bless you.


September 28, 2010

Characters are very important, and as I found out this weekend at the Inscribe Christian Writer’s Fellowship Conference this weekend, it’s very important to develop an emotional connection with your audience.  One way is to know your characters.  There are many ways to do this, but my favorite is using a worksheet.

The next post or two will be about characters.  There are many pdf’s and pages around the net for character creation, and it’s very helpful to have them.  Whether or not you have your character created, the sheet can save your life.  Be careful of what you download, for there are many that are created for the purpose of role playing games.  They may be fine for role playing, but they don’t go into the depth you need for your story.

Why?  Continuity.  If you have said that your character has a deep voice at the beginning, and later in your story, you say he sings like a tenor, then people aren’t going to believe you.  You loose credibility.

Here’s a good sheet for you to use.  Go to

So, whether you are creating a short story or a novel, these worksheets are the way to go.  I hope you enjoyed this blog.  Please feel free to comment, and happy writing!