Vacation Post

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I titled this post Vacation Post because I started it while I was on vacation in the beginning of June.  We went to William Watson Lodge.  While looking for a good explanation and pictures, I found another wordpress blog.  It can be found here.   We spent a week there this summer, and that’s where this post came from.  Enjoy.


Hi everyone,

I have been doing a lot these days, and I’ve learned a lot too.  One of the things I have learned is to never use a usb as a continual drive.  What I mean is that I have used a usb drive to work from in real time.  It worked for a while, but when I accidentally bumped it, I destroyed a link in it.  I was so upset!  Well, since then, I have decided to work only to use flash drives.  Well, throughout this week, I’ve realized that going extreme isn’t the way to go either.  So, I’ve decided that the 32 gig drive that I bought is going to be my backup drive.  It shouldn’t get bumped if I use it sparatically.

I am right in the heart of Aylanna and L’Eaua’s country, and I am so thankful to be here.  They are a part of me, so I feel contented on more than one front.  I am feeling relaxed, and my characters are taking in everything they can; they miss the mountains.

So, I’ve decided to start videoing all the falls that I come to, not to mention any trickles – basically anything that has a sound.  I’ve also taken some videos of walking down a couple of woodland paths.  It’s been an adventure, and I”m thankful to have been on it.  I have decided to show one of the pictures here, as well as one of the videos, so I hope you enjoy them.  Look out for some more pictures in the future too.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.



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