A New Week

Hi everyone,

Well, it’s the start of a new week and I’m letting you know what’s going on.  The truth is LOTS.  I am now on Audioboo, and you can now hear my boos here.  Basically, my boos are mini podcasts, but I’m using them to read The King’s Poetry   If all goes right, I will post on The King’s Poetry on Tuesdays; then on Wednesdays, I will read a new boo.  If you want to follow me and have itunes, hit the itunes button.  You will get the poems directly in your itunes then.  Enjoy!

Anyway, I have also made my first posting on Livejournal too.  If all goes right, I’ll post on either Thursdays or Fridays.  My profile at Livejournal is here.  I know the title is a bit lame, but I’m working on it.  It will come as the blog takes shape.

I am still working on the Food Tunnel.  I’m thinking of taking an in-depth look at recipes by researching the ingredients before working on the recipe.  Some people will be impatient, I know, but I believe it will be a good learning experience. 

As for my book, I’m finally moving forward again.  I pray that it continues to.  After all, it’s God’s book, as are these blogs. 

Well, I pray all is well for you.  Take care and God bless.



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