February’s Here

Hi everyone. I can hardly believe it’s February. I have been looking at a lot of things lately pertaining to my writing. I attended Break Forth Canada, and one of the workshops was about making a scene. It’s not like you think – making a scene in this case means making an improv comedy scene, but there was a lot I could take from the writing point of view. The group was called Panic Squad, and they were hilarious as well as informative.

They showed us how to use actions to set up a scene as well as for others to support you in it. I wondered, “What if I could use that as a visualization exercise and either just write it out or sketch out what the people are doing? I haven’t done that yet, but I hope to soon.

Another thing that was suggested was the writing down of a scene. Then you can create your story based on someone in the scene. I’m working on that as well as pieces based on objects. I’m thinking of doing a blog on livejournal for either my Kent Chronicles stuff, or using it for fiction. Fantasy items would go onto Fantasy’s Fancy though. I’m sure she’s waiting for me, and knowing how she feeds off my stories…well…she could be ill or worse. I hope not though.

Also, I am hoping very soon to get the Food Tunnel up and running.  The focus might change a bit though.  Since there are a lot of people living on a budget, I’m thinking of doing foodie flavors on a budget.  I don’t know if I’ll keep the blog and create another or keep it.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as to what I do. I hope everything’s all right with you. Feel free to drop a comment sometime. I’d like that. Oh, and if you want a sample here sometime, just ask. 🙂



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