Thankfulness and Characters – Item found!

A few posts back, I lost my thumb drive, or rather, I thought I did. Well, guess what? I found it! It was in a totally unexpected place; my craft bag! I am so thankful to God for that! I tried to move forward in my editing, but I felt like something was holding me back. I was even second guessing myself. Well, now it’s back.

It gets me thinking about my main character, Aylanna. How does she express thankfulness? How does any character express it? Is a sacrifice made? I think to the times when I’m thankful. I feel joyful. I cheer. Sometimes if it’s big enough, I’ll even jump up and down a little, but we all express it differently.

Also, another thing to think about is how your character acts when something is lost. I get frantic, depending on whether or not I have an inkling of whether or not it’s in the house or somewhere safe. I kinda did with the thumb drive, but there were times when I doubted it.

So, what about your characters?

Until next time, God bless.


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