From Frolic to Finnin’

This post, from Frolic to Finnin’ deals with the rest of my birthday week and some decisions I need to make. First of all, my husband took me out for pizza with some family and friends on Thursday to Royal Pizza. I chose a novelty pizza which is called “The Boss has Gone Mad.” It’s your pasta dinner in pizza form! You have your pizza dough, your filling is spaghetti and meat sauce with your mozzarella cheese. It was different…I liked it, especially the second time around. Yes, the second time around. I couldn’t finish half of it because we had a starter, so we were full. I had the second half the next day and the flavors were magnificent!

Secondly, thanks to some friends of ours, on Sunday, we went to see Steve Bell. His knack of storytelling and humor are a real class act. We had wonderful seats and a wonderful time.

Thirdly…you’re probably thinking, “What? More? Does she ever stay at home?” Yes I do, but this week has been a real blessing to me. Some ladies and I went to the Girl’s Night out. It was a hoot. You can see pictures of it by going here.

So, what am I “finnin'” about? I am thinking about doing an ebook of my Blog called the King’s Poetry. Subscribers would get a discount (and that would also include subscribers to this blog) and it would have pictures of paintings and photographs. So, what do you think? What would you pay for an ebook of poetry? Would you even buy an ebook of poetry? Please feel free to give your comments.


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