Well, ok., not really. There was a fire in my neighborhood, but it didn’t affect my home. It did get me thinking about how they might have fought (or didn’t fight) the fire in Sword of Earth, my book. I wrote in the book Horsemaster’s house had burned to the ground; would they not have put it out? So I have been thinking about it and doing some searching. I think I was right because it wasn’t until the 1800’s when they figured out a way to fight fires using machines.

While I was doing the research for that, I came upon some information on the history of food. Did you know that the main meal was eaten during the day in medieval times? It was. We couldn’t imagine doing that.

I also am thankful that I wasn’t born in medieval times…I sometimes wonder why I have a fascination with them. (Probably because of the type of books I have read.) In the middle ages, there were arranged marriages of children as young as 12-14!!

So, the fire’s now in a different place…I’m shocked; I will have to make the world a little more humane in my book. Until next week, may God bless you.


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