Another week…..breathe!

Just finished my annual weekend of volunteering on the Break Forth prayer team. It was awesome, and God really showed me a lot that I needed to learn – actual concrete ideas I can take back to my marriage, prayer life and ministry. I have decided to keep everything as it is…four blogs will keep going…if I miss one, I’ll write when I can as long as it’s within the week and doesn’t bleed into the next. Writing with the Earth will stay up, and if I do travel, or when we go places in Edmonton, I may do something there. So, in essence, I just need to quit stressing. God will take care of it and me. That’s what I learned this weekend. He said, “I will take care of you” by giving me what I needed.

This is my “breathe week.” What do I mean by that? Well, my husband and I are staying home. I’m not leaving the house for the next week unless we go out to dinner. I will work on what God wants me to work on, focusing mainly on Him and resting bodily. I’ll still write, play, but I’m in a little “bubble.” It makes it easy on the body to recuperate – otherwise I would get sick.

What do you like to do when you are able to take a breathe week where you can retreat and be at home? Give yourself a spa time? Journal? Listen to music? Write about it.

Oh, speaking about writing – there’s going to be a new poem up tomorrow on the King’s Poetry. I wrote a poem this week and I hope you enjoy it.

May God bless your day


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