I know with blogs you’re supposed to have pictures and stuff like that, but I don’t know how I’m going to convey how I’m feeling right now. Although I’m being stimulated by my writing and am moving on with what I really think is a good idea, and my poetry, I am being forced to make a hard decision. You see, I have three writing blogs; one is this, one is writing and travel, and one is fantasy. Well, I’m now having trouble with writing the latter. Not to mention this blog. So which do I kill? Which do I not write? I enjoy them all for different reasons, so I don’t want to kill any. I must pray.

I’m working on a new book called “The Game Planet.” It is a book based on the theme of stopping the trafficking of beings. I am still working on Sword of Earth, although I took a break from it. I am also creating poetry for the King’s Poetry. I also want to do a poetry blog for my normal poetry as well, but if I can’t do what I have, should I continue? Or should I do this blog and make it a poetry one? There is a lot to think about.

Well, thank you for reading. God bless.


2 Responses to “Struggling…”

  1. Christine Says:

    Your honestly has held me. Why not keep one and just write. Write and write and play and create and just Be all in one place. Tag your writings, maybe have different pages or links to another page.

    Don’t put limitations on your creativity. It would be a di-service to every living being in the Universe.

    That’s my thought ❤

    • Michelle Earl Says:

      Thanks for your encouragement Christine. My only problem is that I’m having too much fun with most of them. I can get rid of one of them, but not all…hmmm, maybe that will help. Thanks once again!

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