Settings – How do I create them?

Last time I discussed characters, and I know that I said I would work with them more, but since I am fleshing out my novel, I thought I would mention various ways you can create setting.  It’s not going to be in the words, but how you can expand you notebook.  I highly recommend you use one – or if you have a computer, you can use one of many programs out there on the internet.  These programs include Microsoft Word, Novel Pro, and Liquid Story Binder.  I will do a separate posting at another time regarding these programs.  For now, we’ll concentrate on ways to develop the setting.

The first is sound.  Have you ever heard the sound of a creaking door and thought, “That would be perfect for my story!” only for the memory to fade when you try to describe the sound?  Try using a digital recorder to capture the sound.  I don’t mean the standard voice recorder; go into a music store and spend the money to get a good one.  There are some that I would recommend.
– The Edirol R-09
– The Taskam DR-1
– The Zoom 2 (Husband recommends)

Now you’re probably thinking, “Sound is one thing, but I need to bring back a picture of that place.” Your camera is your best friend, especially if that place is only a part of your setting. For example, if your place is in a forest on another world, but your imagination finds it here on earth and with some tweaking, you can make it your own. The picture then can be yours.

Ok. Now for the rest of us. We’re creative with visual art. It’s not that we can’t use the other things, it’s just that our imagination can convey it better. Break out the paint, the paper, the canvas, the pencils and pencil crayons, and create!! It’s all part of the writing process. Your creativity knows no bounds! With that in mind, you can create maps too. Use programs such as or autorealm. Or you can just use an ordinary pad of paper.

Anyway, no matter what you do, enjoy the seasons of getting out. I know that winter can be the worst, but with the help of the items above, it can be the best. I hope these help you with your creativity. The next one will go into more ways you can fill out your notebook. Don’t throw anything away. You’re going to need it at some point. Just make sure to keep it organized.


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2 Responses to “Settings – How do I create them?”

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    • Michelle Earl Says:

      Thank you for your response. I’m glad you like my blog. Just come over to Word press and create your blog for free! You’ll be able to use it then.

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