Characters are very important, and as I found out this weekend at the Inscribe Christian Writer’s Fellowship Conference this weekend, it’s very important to develop an emotional connection with your audience.  One way is to know your characters.  There are many ways to do this, but my favorite is using a worksheet.

The next post or two will be about characters.  There are many pdf’s and pages around the net for character creation, and it’s very helpful to have them.  Whether or not you have your character created, the sheet can save your life.  Be careful of what you download, for there are many that are created for the purpose of role playing games.  They may be fine for role playing, but they don’t go into the depth you need for your story.

Why?  Continuity.  If you have said that your character has a deep voice at the beginning, and later in your story, you say he sings like a tenor, then people aren’t going to believe you.  You loose credibility.

Here’s a good sheet for you to use.  Go to

So, whether you are creating a short story or a novel, these worksheets are the way to go.  I hope you enjoyed this blog.  Please feel free to comment, and happy writing!


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